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MOSAIC™ Flexible LED Light Strips

Fun, flexible and versatile, the MOSAIC Flexible Light is limited only by what you can imagine! Mount it anywhere – under staircase banisters, under beds, around alcoves – anywhere you want to decorate with light!

Applications include bedrooms, game rooms, entertainment rooms, dorm rooms and more.

  • The Mosaic Flexible Light’s flexibility allows the user to contour its shape around any object
  • With its remote, the user is able to change the color to any one of 15 colors, plus white, and use set color changing patterns
  • Kit comes with four 2-foot long strips and is extendable to 10 strips, giving it a maximum length of 20 feet
  • Able to cut strips to size at clearly indicated sections marked with scissor icon
  • Adhesive back allows the user to attach the Mosaic Flexible Light onto any clean surface*
  • Connectors allow the strips to make 90° side turns to go around counters, etc.


Watch the MOSAIC™ Flexible LED Lighting Strips Video

SKU: 72344
Price: $49.99 

  • Technical Specifications
  • Conforms to the contour and shape of nearly any object
  • Set to one of 15 colors, plus white or one of pre-set color changing patterns
  • Kit comes with four two foot strips and can be extended up to 10 strips
  • Ability to cut strips to size
  • Adhesive backing
  • 3 Connectors allow 90° turns around corners
  • Strips can be controlled with same remote (remote and power supply included)